The holidays are finally here! That’s right, this is the perfect season to change (or give our loved ones) better smartphones.

The thing is…for those researching the market and looking for a new smartphone, the task can be pretty daunting. There seem to be a million models to pick from, each one with hundreds of undecipherable tech specs at very different price points.

If you are one of those looking to upgrade your phone, give the best gift of the holidays or just want to learn a little bit more about the hardware that’s out there, here’s a comprehensive yet simple guide to gifting, or getting a new phone for 2020. It has something for nearly every price range, tech need, and taste.

Budget phone

The Moto G7 is one of the most reliable, durable phones out there and the price tag is nice and low. Its sound and video quality aren’t anything to brag about, but the super-fast charging, good battery life, and quality working speed make it the best budget smartphone out there.

Good for: kid’s first phone, second phone.


Instagram likes may no longer be a thing but a good camera on a phone certainly is for some people. So, if you’re looking to up your photo game, then the iPhone 11 Pro is the choice for you. If the price tag is more than you’re willing to spend (understandable), then its little brother the iPhone 11 could be the one. If you’re an Android fan then go for the Huawei P30 Pro.

Good for: avid photographers, social media fans.

Apple on a budget

If you’re a fan of the Cupertino giant but are looking for something that will not break the bank, then the iPhone 8 is a solid choice for you. Enjoy all the perks of iOS with a friendlier price tag.

Good for: Apple buyers on a budget.

Android fans

There’s a lot of power built into the new OnePlus7 Pro, with all the perks you have come to expect in the last generation’s smartphones. This model packs quite a punch for a reasonable price, definitely a model that should not be ignored.

Good for: Android users who want quality at a good price.

Hand friendly

For those sick of dealing with monster phones, there’s the Samsung Galaxy S10e, a near-perfect design for most hands, this model also offers what most of its big brothers do in a much better package. It is just as good for watching Netflix, trying your luck in the online casino or editing in Excel. Super-fast response, graphics, and design.

Good for: Heavy use and comfortability.

Art and design

This one is pretty special and the price is proof. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is expensive, huge and incredibly powerful. An amazing tool for those that need it and completely wasteful if you don’t. If you’re an artist, designer or looking to become one, then get this model if you have the nearly $2,000 it costs.

Good for: Artists or designers.

There’s a phone out there for everyone and there’s no better time than the holidays to find out which one it is.

Good luck!