Tips for Saving Money on a Rental Car

A rental car is seen as a viable alternative to getting a car. One obvious reason is the cost. It is far lot cheaper renting a car than buying one, plus less worry on the maintenance considering you will only use it for a limited period of time. Nonetheless, you still have to shell out money. Here are some ways on how you can save money when renting a car.

Find coupons and save big

Before you part with your money, do some coupon sleuthing for codes and deals you can apply to your total upon picking up the car. Even if you already have discounts a loyalty or something similar, you can likely combine codes to double down on your savings. Hertz, Avis and Budget – three of the well-known rental car services in the world, offer such coupons.

Ask for discounts

Most, if not all businesses offer discounts. Car rental services are no exception and all you have to do is ask. In many cases, mentioning your frequent flyer membership or the like can help you earn miles on your car rental.

Pay with a rental-friendly credit card

Although car rental services take credit cards, there are those that take into account points you have earned, insurance and other benefits. It never hurts to ask if they do before you hand them your card to make the transaction.

Compare prices

Like any other business, it never hurts to canvass car rental services on who offers the best rates or prices. It is but natural we want to go for the one that offers the lowest. But there is no harm weighing the benefits of getting quality service even if it may cost a little. It is expected big-name companies will be on your list but you should not take for granted the lesser-known ones. If you are looking for a cheap car hire UK deal or anywhere else, we recommend you click here for a great car hire comparison search engine.

Read the fine print

Before you shell out money or give your card, be sure to carefully read the contract and even the receipt. You might be taken by surprise that you think you are paying based on what you saw in the price tag but unaware of hidden additional charges assessed when you are about to make the payment. Be sure to inquire if there are any additional charges before you proceed.

Rent outside the airport

Upon arriving at an airport, renting a car here is the likely thing you will do. Keep in mind though irport car rentals often charge an airport concession fee which is 10-30% higher. Your best bet is to rent a car outside the airport which is cheaper. This means taking a taxi to your billet or straight to a car rental service.

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