Sites like ThinkGeek – Similar cool geeky item stores online

ThinkGeek is an online store of novelty and collectible merchandise items for geeks out there. They carry a full line of items from apparel to shoes, to furniture and linen, dinnerware, bags, toys, etc. It is like a wonderland for geeks. You can choose from collectibles and merchandise from movie, TV, game, and comic book characters.  

If you are fond of collecting clothing or novelty items, aside from ThinkGeek, you can check out these other sites & stores like Thinkgeek


Entertainment Earth 

Entertainment Earth is like a candy store of all geeky stuff on earth. Literally. They sell original merchandise from Marvel, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Batman, Funko, Hasbro, Disney, Lego, DC, Transformers, and so many others. You can complete your collection of action figures, die-cast metal, figurines, prop replicas, etc. Then there are scale figurines and models. Entertainment Earth was started by 3 friends who were into collecting. They turned their passion into a growing business. 


Archie McPhee 

Mark Pahlow has been operating Archie McPhee stores for more than 3 decades now. He took a gamble on selling unique and collectible pieces, that he personally liked though are weird for most. That gamble paid off and from his first brick-and-mortar store in Seattle, the business has grown. Today, Archie McPhee curates gift items that may be funny, creepy, or geeky, masks, action figures, puppets, costumes and disguises, inflatables, school and office items, home items, joke and gag items, and other whatnots. You can even buy items wholesale.  


Geeky Store 

The Geeky Store is your go-to store for geeky apparel, shoes, accessories, toys, gadgets, and computers. This is the place where you can find a Chewbacca robe or a Joker hoodie or a pair of suit silk pajamas. Or score collectible toys and items like a periodic table deck of playing cards, an R2-D2 alarm clock or push pins with medieval weapons as heads. If you are into robots, they carry various types like a robotic arm, a talking robot companion, or a spy robot. Where else can you find Orbitwheel skates, a waterproof headphone system for iPod shuffle or a Zamboni desk vacuum. Geeky Store has got it all for you. 


This is why I am Broke 

This is why I am Broke is an online retailer of everything and anything novelty and geeky. There have all kinds of gift ideas or collectibles for guys, girls, teens, and kids. Merchandise is grouped into categories: gifts for foodies, for creative and artists, gearheads, outdoorsmen, athletes, travelers, hosts, etc. This is where you can get vinyl placemats, Bluetooth beanie hats, weatherproof speakers, Nicolas Cage pillow cases, Power Ranger dresses, Star Trek glass, Nickelodeon character plushies, Star Wars posters, inflatable jumbo movie screens, movie slate alarm clock, retro typewriter keyboard, and more.  


Neato Shop  

Neato Shop specializes in novelty shirts and items. They carry a wide variety of shirt designs with prints and designs from different genres. They’ve got anime and manga, animals, movies, music, comics, kawaii, fantasy, and horror shirt designs. Get a load of cute items like tin foil hats, RBG bobble head, Zombie Hunter bags, brick foam props, Angry Birds wind chimes, The Big Bang Theory pins, and so much more. They’ve got excellent customer service to boot!