How to save money on your phone bill

Because many are on their phone almost more than 5 hours a day, many people fall victim to exorbitant phone bills. While many rack up hundreds of dollars in phone bills, it is possible to keep them low if you just keep track of the necessities.

Lay off international roaming

Many people just can’t help not knowing what is happening to the rest of the world. So when people travel, they turn on international roaming and send text messages, place calls, and access mobile data. Only to have a slight heart attack over their phone bills that may cost over a thousand dollars. Most countries, especially in developed countries, offer free Wi-Fi in public places. More so in restaurants, hotels, and cafes. So when traveling, save yourself some money by using free Wi-Fi. Remember FOMO is the thing of the past. JOMO – joy of missing out – is in.

Know what you can get for free

If you are a heavy texter or caller, sending messages and placing calls left and right, you might want to get a plan with unlimited text messages and calls. If that is not available, switch to the internet and send free texts and make free calls via popular apps like Viber, WhatsApp, or WeChat. This way, you don’t even make a dent in your text and call allocation or allowance. Note however that paying via your phone bill is not free, even when you can make unlimited calls. So buying stuff online or going to a phone bill casino online is with actual money that will get extracted from you bankaccount later on.


If you already have Wi-Fi at home, turn off your mobile data and just use the Wi-Fi. Look up promo packages available to you.

Know how to negotiate

The best time to negotiate is when your contract is almost up. Phone companies will try to keep your account active so they will be open to what you have to say and be willing to meet you halfway. The best way to lower your monthly payment is to play the price match game. Shop around to see what other providers have to offer. If they have enticing offers, tell your current provider about them and see if they can match them, if not lower. Most of the time, these companies will agree to the price match, and might do you one better. Just make sure you haggle realistically and not shoot for the moon.