How to save money on wedding invitations

Getting married nowadays don’t come cheap. From the dress to the food, from the flowers to the invitations, everything costs a lot of money. You might be caught unawares but wedding invitations can set you back a good USD 3,000. So what can couples on a budget do? Here are some hacks for you to save some bucks on wedding invites.

Create your own invites

It is a no-brainer but most couples don’t make their own because they feel they are not very creative or good in arts and crafts, or they don’t know how to go about it. Luckily, there are a lot of DIY kits available on the market that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, there are several samples available online as well.


Keep it simple

Typical wedding invites include several sheets of paper, layers of tissue, and envelopes. Be environment-friendly and skip the inessentials. Think about what you really need so save on cost and paper.


Ask your artsy friend to do it

If you really don’t have the talent for arts, then ask a friend or relative who is. Chances are, you might find more than one friend or relative who is willing to lend a helping hand and give them an avenue to express their creativity.


Skip the fancy printing

Embossing and engraving are printing styles that add so much class to an wedding invite but they also cost a lot. Look into other alternatives, like thermography. The finish almost looks like it was engraved but it is not as expensive.


Do your research

Before committing anything, make sure you have gone around physical stores and online stores to find where you can get the best services with affordable prices. Don’t snub warehouse clubs. You might be surprised with the savings you can get from buying in bulk.


Buy your own paper

Fortunately, when you go to a store, the cost of the paper and the cost of printing are separate. In such cases, you can just purchase your own paper where it is cheaper and have the printing done professionally. This way, you can knock off a couple of hundred bucks from your expenses.


Use a standard envelope

The more you customize your invite, the more expensive it will get. Not to mention the cost of the mailing it if it is heavier and bigger than the standard size. So consider this when choosing the paper and design of your invite.