Direct TV: How to cut your DIRECTV bill

A lot of households subscribe to cable or direct satellite services to be able to catch their favorite shows. But some of them can get pricey as you get the extras. Is there a way to enjoy these services without breaking the bank? And the answer is a resounding YES! It is actually possible to get some services for free or at a lower rate, if you know what to do. Here is the fast and easy way to cut down your bill.

There is a saying about how acquiring new customers is far more expensive that keeping old ones. And many business have proven this to be true. For customers, this saying may prove to be in their favor. Knowing that companies will do their best to keep current customers and to keep them happy will definitely give you that “power.”

Do the Disconnection Negotiation

When your service contract is almost over, call the service provider through their customer service hotline and inform them that you would like to discontinue the service / subscription. Of course, the customer service representative will ask you for your name, account number, latest billing, and your reason for discontinuing. Calmly explain that the amount you are paying is more than you are willing to spend. Then ask the rep if they have any promos or free service that you can avail so you can continue your subscription. At this point, the CS rep will throw you their sales pitch and offer you packages and freebies.

Accepting the offer is entirely up to you. It is best to check what other services offer before making a decision.

If you do not do the disconnection negotiation, you might not be able to save hundreds of dollars on extras. For example, a regular package can cost USD 29.99 per month plus USD 2 for taxes. This includes 55 channels. If you want add-ons like DVR services (costs USD 10 per month), NFL Sunday ticket (costs USD 325 per year), Showtime (costs USD 14 per month), this may cost you an additional USD 51 per month or USD 612 per year. But because of the disconnection negotiation, you can get these sample add-ons for free and just pay the regular package for USD 32 per month.

You can also decide to watch less TV and go straight for just a couple of streaming services – check out their supply of movies & tv shows on, with providers like Netflix & Hulu really not costing all that much.

So before you renew or discontinue your subscription, research on what you can do to lower your bill. You will thank yourself that you did.