5 smart ways to save money when traveling

Traveling is a wonderful hobby but some people cannot travel because of financial constraints. Even with affordable prices offered by travel agencies, hotels, and airlines, people still need to set aside a budget for it. Some people read forex broker reviews and ratings to literally get more for their money abroad, but there are other ways to safe money too. Though traveling and going on holiday is an expense, there are still surefire ways to cut on spending when traveling. 


Bring and cook your own food 

One expense that you cannot do without when traveling is food. Depending on the place you will go to, eating at restaurants during every meal can be quite costly, especially if there are more people in your party. One way to save money on food would be to bring your own food and/or cook it. Smart travelers make their own snacks, which they munch on during the trip. If there is a kitchen in the place you are staying, you are then free to prepare your own meals at the fraction of the cost of eating out. Not only do you save money, you can also eat more healthily. 


Shop at farmers’ markets 

Eating on a budget while on holiday need not mean stuffing yourself with instant meals all the time. Buying fresh produce at farmers’ markets will let you taste local, most likely organic, fruits and vegetables. Some homemade food items may also be sold, which are way cheaper and healthier than eating at restaurants. 


Visit places on your own 

Instead of hiring a tour guide or joining group tours, opt to plod streets or visit places on your own. Not only do tours and a tour guide cost a lot, but you follow a very strict schedule that does not give you any leeway if you want to do something else. Venturing on your own has no extra cost on you and gives you the flexibility to explore any place at your own pace. Just make sure you avoid taking a cab or else it will defeat the purpose of not hiring a tour guide. Most developed countries have reliable transport systems that make commuting easy.  

Stay at bed and breakfasts 

Though five-star holidays offer very affordable rates every season, it is still much cheaper to stay at bed and breakfasts. Through apps like Airbnb and Booking.com, you will be able to find very affordable accommodations during your trip. One definite advantage in staying at a B&B is that, since you stay with locals, you get to see and experience local culture. Some offer meal inclusions, which are still cheaper than dining out. 


Look for free activities 

Everywhere you go, there will always be interesting places and events that you can avail of for free. There are apps that show you events that will take place in specific locations / cities. You can choose ones that are free, like if there are free concerts, free entrance to museums and exhibits. Apps like Stubhub lets you score free concert tickets, along with paid tickets. Museums like the American History Museum and the Smithsonian Museum do not charge any admission fee. You can also participate in free walking tours through freetour.com. Going to UNESCO World Heritage Sites is also usually free of charge.  


Going on holiday need not be expensive. You just need to dig a little deeper and put in a bit more effort to save and score free deals.